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TK Communications provides a wide range of writing, editing, and project management services for marketing, technical, and business/corporate communications needs, specifically focused on companies in the high-tech, software, and technical services industries.



  • Customer and individual case studies and/or profiles.

  • Thought-leadership blog posts.

  • Scripts for radio ads and corporate videos.

  • Internal and external corporate marketing materials.

  • Direct marketing and advertising strategy and content.

  • Web structure and content for intranet or internet sites.

  • Magazine-length recruitment publications.


Sample: customer case study

Sample: script for corporate video

Sample: corporate blog post




  • Facility/hardware descriptions and technical specifications.

  • "How to" user guides, help files, and training materials for software and hardware components.

  • Technical papers, case studies, and video scripts.

  • Step-by-step procedures for user transition to new software and/or physical moves.

  • Technical process documentation and proposals.

  • Technical RFP responses.


Sample: Media Lab Capabilities

Sample: IT solutions provider capabilities
Sample: technical paper



  • Standards for format, tone, and style of team, department, or corporate communications.

  • Templates and standards for pitch letters, sales proposals, RFP responses, and other sales collateral for software company.

  • Keynote speeches for C-level executive at annual user conference.

  • Corporate bios, business plans, recruiting materials, marketing kits, and website content.


Sample: corporate keynote speech

Sample: volunteer org site and blog posts

Sample: personal blog post

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