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My Story

TK Communications is Tammy Kaehler: writer, editor, project manager, and author.


Through TK Communications, I provide freelance writing, editing, and project management services characterized by detailed attention to the written word. I have developed technical, business, and marketing documentation for a wide range of subjects, audiences, and media. 


I specialize in "translation": interviewing subject matter experts to determine needs (i.e., scope, structure, audience, and purpose) and using that information to produce clear and accurate collateral, documentation, and user instructions. 


In other words, I'm a storyteller. I figure out the most important or interesting aspects of an individual, event, or product and convey the content in a way that will most interest and engage an audience.


  • As a business and marketing writer, I have moved quickly to learn the salient points of a company's audience, needs, and industry and turned that knowledge into compelling web pages and collateral copy. 

  • As a technical writer, I've created everything from detailed, highly-technical descriptions of and instructions for server and software configuration to simple online how-to guides and high-level project summaries for corporate newsletters.

  • As a project manager, I have taught agile project management methodology and practiced it with a variety of teams and projects, emphasizing collaborative work and problem solving.

  • As an author, I write the award-winning Kate Reilly Racing Mystery series.

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